The Daleks is the second serial of the first season of Doctor Who. It was written by Terry Nation, directed by Christopher Barry and Richard Martin and featured William Hartnell as the First Doctor, William Russell as Ian Chesterton, Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright and Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman.

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The TARDIS lands in an alien, petrified jungle, beyond which lies a mysterious deserted city. The Doctor insists on exploring, but before long the TARDIS crew all begin experiencing the early effects of radiation sickness. And then they discover that the metal city isn't as deserted as they first thought...

Plot Edit

The Dead Planet (1) Edit

Deciding to explore a new planet, the Doctor has his granddaughter, Susan, check the radiation meter on the TARDIS console, which reads normal. However, as soon as they, along with Ian and Barbara move away, the meter changes, signalling danger...

On examination outside, the travellers pick up on the highly burned appearance of the jungle and the fact that the wind doesn't seem to move the branches on any of the trees. Ian pulls a twig of a tree, and it appears to crumble like stone. The Doctor notes it's petrified and he and Susan go to investigate. Barbara and Ian discuss the Doctor's apparent inability to return them home and decide to follow the Doctor to keep an eye on him.

Further in the jungle, Susan finds a perfectly petrified flower. She and Ian agree to take it back to the TARDIS with them, but Ian crushes it in Susan's hand upon hearing Barbara cry out. They find a reptilian-looking creature made completely of metal. The Doctor determines from it that they are not on Earth, but the creature was always made of metal, even during life. Barbara is upset by the fact that they aren't home.

While Barbara asks Susan about the TARDIS' ability to record it's journeys, Ian cries out, having found the edge of the jungle. They stand on a cliff face overlooking a distant and vast metal city. The Doctor uses binoculars to see any signs of life but is unable to find any. He expresses a desire to go down and investigate the city, but Barbara isn't keen to proceed. They head back to the TARDIS under falling light and opt to decide there. On the way back, Susan stops to pick up an identical flower to the one she found before, when she starts to hear noises around her. Ian goes back when he hears her scream and finds her panicked.

In the TARDIS, Susan tells the Doctor that she believes someone touched her in the forest, but the Doctor is not convinced; he asks Barbara to broach the subject on his behalf. Barbara believes her story, but Susan is adamant to convince the Doctor that something did happen. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Ian work over the TARDIS' systems with Ian poses various questions about what life will be like now that they are unwilling companions and the Doctor goes over to the food machine, from which he pulls out a small bars of food with the taste of what they ordered.

Susan goes to take Barbara and Ian to a resting place when a tapping noise is heard from outside the ship. Checking the scanner, the source is gone again. Barbara wishes to leave immediately, but the Doctor still wishes to see the city. Eventually, with Ian's protests and Susan's pleas, he moves over to the console and begins working the take-off controls. However, when the other's aren't looking, he removes a component from the base of the TARDIS and replaces it incorrectly. Doing this, the engines stall and the Doctor pretends that the component, the fluid link, has been drained of mercury and that they must go to the city to find more.

They leave to head to the city on first light, and find a strange metal container outside of the TARDIS. Confirming it's not dangerous, they find a number of glass phials inside. The Doctor has Susan take them back inside the TARDIS for later examination, before the travellers head for the city. Not long later, they arrive at a large entrance, with the travellers starting to feel a little strange. Barbara presses a panel and a door opens; they decide to go separate ways to explore further. Inside the city's bizarrely shaped corridors, Barbara is watched by cameras throughout the hallways. She proceeds through the corridors until she is lost and then trapped.

The Doctor and Susan reunite with Ian but Barbara is still absent, while Barbara is still trapped inside. As she makes her way along the metal interior, she is seals behind doors on all sides. She enters a single open chamber where she is cornered by an unseen creature, wielding a long plunger arm. It pins her against the wall and she screams...

The Survivors (2) Edit

Ian activates another door into an open room, but Barbara is nowhere to be found. The Doctor is alerted by a faint ticking noise in another room. Going to investigate, they find the source of the ticking noise to be a geiger counter, registering in the danger zone, meaning that all the while they've been wandering around in the city, they've been exposed to radiation. The Doctor deduces the source to be a neutron bomb having exploded prior. With the knowledge that they will die without treatment, the Doctor is forced to reveal is subterfuge and that the fluid link is not damaged. Angered that the Doctor's callous attitude has put them all at risk, Ian takes the fluid link to ensure that he cooperate in finding Barbara and getting them all out alive.

Upon stepping out of the room, the three are cornered by large robot-looking machines, who order them to move ahead of them. Ian tries to make an escape, but they fire at him and cause temporary paralysis in his legs. One of the machines order the Doctor and Susan to assist him. The travellers are taken to a cell where they find Barbara still alive. Barbara notes that on escorting her, they only ever moved in lifts and deduces that the metal machines may have living creatures inside. Ian informs Barbara of the radiation sickness and the Doctor states that if they remain untreated, they will die.

While monitoring them, the machines order the Doctor brought to them, before discussing the statistics of radiation affecting another hidden race, that they identify as the Thals. They assume they survive due to a drug. The Doctor is brought before them, where they take him for a Thal. They accuse him of lying and coming to the city to find more anti-radiation drugs. The Doctor reasons that the phials left outside the TARDIS were anti-radiation drugs and asks the machines if either he or one of his companions could be sent to bring them back. The creatures, identifying themselves as the Daleks, agree to allow it and tell him of their history of being one of two races on their planet. The Daleks retreated into the city after a neurtonic war, 500 years prior, but they are aware that there are survivors and assume they are disgustingly mutated, but they are still willing to send someone to retrieve the drugs.

Barbara and Susan help Ian in regaining the feeling in his legs when the Doctor returns and informs them of the situation.

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The Escape (3) Edit

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The Ambush (4) Edit

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The Expedition (5) Edit

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The Ordeal (6) Edit

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The Rescue (7) Edit

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Cast Edit

  • Dr. Who - William Hartnell
  • Ian Chesterton - William Russell
  • Barbara Wright - Jacqueline Hill
  • Susan Foreman - Carole Ann Ford
  • Dalek voices - Peter Hawkins, David Graham
  • Daleks - Robert Jewell, Kevin Manser, Michael Summerton, Gerald Taylor, Peter Murphy
  • Temmosus - Alan Wheatley
  • Alydon - John Lee
  • Dyoni - Virginia Wetherell
  • Ganatus - Philip Bond
  • Antodus - Marcus Hammond
  • Kristas - Jonathan Crane
  • Elyon - Gerald Curtis
  • Thals - Chris Browning, Katie Cashfield, Vez Delahunt, Kevin Glenny, Ruth Harrison, Lesley Hill, Steve Pokol, Jeanette Rossini, Eric Smith

Crew Edit

  • Writer - Terry Nation
  • Title music - Ron Grainer with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Incidental music - Tristram Cary
  • Story editor - David Whitaker
  • Designers - Raymond Cusick, Jeremy Davies
  • Associate producer - Mervyn Pinfield
  • Producer - Verity Lambert
  • Directors - Christopher Barry (parts 1,2,4,5), Richard Martin (parts 3,6,7)
  • Costume supervisor - Daphne Dare
  • Make-up supervisor - Elizabeth Blattner

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Story notes Edit

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Broadcast & Ratings Edit

No. Overall # Title Runtime First Airdate Viewers (in millions)
#5 1 The Dead Planet 24:22 21 December 1963 6.9
#6 2 The Survivors 24:27 28 December 1963 6.4
#7 3 The Escape 25:10 05 January 1964 8.9
#8 4 The Ambush 24:37 12 January 1964 9.9
#9 5 The Expedition 24:31 19 January 1964 9.9
#10 6 The Ordeal 26:14 26 January 1964 10.4
#11 7 The Rescue 22:24 01 February 1964 10.4

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